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Poems that Capture Vivid Moments of Powerful Emotion

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Poems that Capture Vivid Moments of Powerful Emotion


Spare Moments Of Time Are Now Precious Moments Of Essence

Authored by Lenny Muroff

This romantic new poetry collection provides glimpses into powerful moments and a full range of emotions.

Poet and writer Lenny Muroff opens up his heart to you in an intimate and moving portrait of a man making the most of his second chance.

Through his poems, Muroff explores his life story and his relationships. He began Spare Moments of Time Are Now Precious Moments of Essence at a dark point in his life. At that moment, he began searching for what he really wanted from the world. Writing, art, and tae kwon do gave him a new enthusiasm for life. He now spreads positivity wherever he goes.

In addition to recollections of his past, Muroff’s optimistic poems often center on romance and the bright future ahead. In “I,” Muroff writes, “For us, time will take us down the road / to the happiness that we’ll find, / to the beginning of time, / as the second hand stops, / together we will build our lives.”

The joy and hope of his work are infectious, and you will finish your reading with a smile on your face.


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About The Author:

Lenny Muroff is a poet, author, photographer, inventor, ophthalmic administrator and certified assistant, and recorder of human experiences.

Muroff received degrees and certifications from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York, and from the Ophthalmic Technology course at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He worked in commercial broadcasting before pursuing his career in ophthalmology. He has two US patents for E-Z Drops, a product that helps consumers use eye drops without missing. For more information, visit www.ezdrops.com.

Muroff has two adult children. He lives with his wife, Laurie, in South Florida. He is still active in the ophthalmologic community and enjoys photography and poetry.

Available at Amazon
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