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Here's what leading medical journals, newspapers, and national magazines have to say about E-Z DROPS!
E-Z DROPS is the do-it-yourself eye drop application strip that saves you time and money!  An aid to independent living!

Man Using E-Z Drops


"E-Z DROPS...has found its niche with patients who have difficulty instilling eye drops in their eyes. E-Z DROPS is a 'can't miss' product!"

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"A reflective piece of cardboard conveniently slips onto the bottle's tip, helping you to see where the eye drop dispenser is heading and aim accurately."

"Lenard Muroff has invented a way to help patients use eye drops properly, ensuring they get the proper dose."


"A can't miss product"

"Eye drop device that saves waste"

Here's What Satisfied E-Z DROPS Users Say:

This is one of the greatest tools that was ever created.  My eye drops are now in my eyes and not somewhere else.  Thank you! Thank you!

Monica M. 

I think you should go on Shark Tank with your eye drop product.  I think its a great idea.

Jacquie Y. 


Having a 90 - year old Mom who uses 2 RX drops 2 times a day, I greatly appreciate the EZ DROPS Applicator.  My 70-year old husband used them as well.  They both find it very helpful.

Gail M.

"Well, they have been a miracle. I showed him (my father) how to do it and he uses them faithfully. It eliminated his anxiety and relieved my mother from the stressful situation. Thank you so much for developing E-Z DROPS!"
Daniel L. Hallforth, O.D. Florence, KY.

"A lifesaver of a product - independence for me (and my husband) after 12 years of drops five times a day. I've been telling every doctor I know about it!"
Jeanne Rapp, Lakewood, CA.

EZ DROPS,  an innovative idea of reducing waste of eyedrops, is fascinating!  The whole idea of being able to independently put in eyedrops, definately is a game changer.  The best part is to not only bring independence to the user, but also helps in reducing the waste of eyedrops which is a concern when everyone can save drops and money.

Anirbaan Mukherjee, PhD, Eye Care Entrepreneur

"I just wanted to say that it is a pleasure and so easy to put the drops in my eyes twice a day with E-Z Drops, no waste and no missing my eye."       Grace Velez, Fort Pierce, Florida. 

"I would never get drops in my eyes without it. Really easy to use—I love them."
Doris O'Connell, Okeechobee, Fla.

"I feel very independent since I started using E-Z DROPS. It is so good to be self-reliant."
Cecil T.J. Redman H.B.M.
Chief, Retired Security and Safety Service—United Nations Headquarters
New York, N.Y. 10017

"EZ Drops is non-threatening. I finally can accurately and safely put eye drops where they belong - in my eyes, instead of on my chin, cheeks or forehead. Before I discovered the product, I dreaded the twice-daily routine. It was almost always a struggle to dispense the drops properly and accurately. Now with the 'target mechanism' it is simply a matter of 'see and squeeze'. You are a genius."
A. R. Morin, Port St. Lucie, FL

"E-Z DROPS is a great product. My eye drops no longer miss my eye. I am a very satisfied customer."
Ms. Dolorita Gordon, West Palm Beach, Fla.

"This is a great product and has made a difficult situation E-Z! I would recommend the use of E-Z Drops to anyone having difficulty in the application of eye drops."

Linda Rummel, Newberg, OR.

"With the E-Z DROPS, I was able to get the drop in my eye on every occasion. I think it is a great tool for all eye drop bottles."
Jamie Levine, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

"Many of our camera people suffer from sore and irritated eyes. Your solution for easy application has amazed all of us."
Mr. Anthony Ramirez, Senior Producer, All Sun Media, Fla.

"It works! It REALLY works! It is E-Z—thank you for a product that saves money."
Mrs. Bennie Jean Zunigha, Okeman, Calif.

Not only are the Xalatan eye drops expensive but only 1 drop per eye at a time!  This 1 drop was impossible until I found E-Z DROPS.  Now I don't use half of my bottle in half the time.  I use 1 drop at a time with ease.

Deborah S.  


Having EZ DROPS Reflective Eye Drop Application Strips, 2 Pack will make you feel proud and also confident.

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Using E-Z DROPS, I am able to get the drops into my eyes.  Just as I squeeze the bottle to release a drop, I can get a drop into my eye.  I just ordered a double 2-pack because I will need more when I get my prescription drops.

Ramsey F.