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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need eye drops?

If your eye care professional suggests prescription or over the counter drops for eye conditions such as glaucoma, infections, cataracts or dry eyes, it is important to follow his or her directions for the short and long term improvement of your condition.

2. How will E-Z Drops help?

E-Z Drops is a patented reflective device that when attached it will help you see your eye before you drop your drops.

3. What if I can’t get my head all the way back to be able to get the drops in?

If you aren’t able to get your head back due to conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis then it is suggested to lie down. Remember that a drop will fall straight down when the bottle is squeezed; therefore, E-Z Drops will help you see your eye first before you squeeze the bottle.

4. Can I use E-Z Drops with over the counter drops?

Absolutely! E-Z Drops will attach to any size bottle. Over the counter drops are usually for dry eyes and allergies.

5. How long does E-Z Drops applicator last?

You receive two applicators. Each applicator good for one bottle that usually last for a month.

6. What if I continue to miss my eye with my drops, and I only have one applicator left?

My suggestion is to “practice” using one applicator with a bottle of artificial tears until you are able to get the drops into your eyes before you use the expensive drops. Artificial tears are over the counter, less expensive and non-prescription.